Introducing AEG

Perfekt in form und funktion

AEG stands for Advance Engineering from Germany.  Precise German engineering means unrivalled features, function and performance.  All our appliances offer outstanding performance, versatility and reliability along with superb aesthetics to enhance your kitchen design.

AEG products are developed and manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, using the best of modern design and the very latest technology




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AEG Laundry

AEG washing machines are designed to give you perfect results every time, with a host of advanced features and a wash programme to suit every need.

Silent System Plus:

AEG is dedicated to producing a high performance laundry is whisper quiet operation.  Using the very latest in advanced technology, washing machines deliver optimum results with extremely low noise levels - perfect for open plan living.

Advanced fuzzy logic

Advanced fuzzy logic calculates the precise amount of water required for the main wash and rinse, giving the best possible wash and rinse performance with the lowest detergent and energy consumption.

Sensor Drying

The sensory dryer on AEG washer dryers and tumble dryers gives you exceptional drying results and total control.  Simply choose the required level of dryness on the rotary control, from 'iron dry' for slightly damp clothes to 'extra dry' ready-to-wear results.  The machine will then sense when the clothes are dried to level specified.  There is no need to keep checking to see if your clothes are ready, the sensor dryer will do all the work.


AEG Cooling

AEG cooling appliances have a range of innovative functions for advance food preservation, while features such as air purifiers and door open alarms provide the ultimate in peace of mind.

Precision Cooling

The AEG precision cooling system distributes cold air throughout the fridge ensuring an even temperature is maintained for perfect cooling on every shelf.  The interal space can be fully utilised giving you more food storage space.

Air Purifier System:

The air purifier system purifies the air that has been passed throughout the fridge and removed odours so they are not transported around the fridge.

Dynamic Air Technology

The internal fridge fan provides an even and stable temperature in the fridge.  This reduces hotspots and condensation leading to food staying fresher for longer.

Frost Free

AEG frost-free freezers completely remove the need to defrost the freezer, giving total convenience and saving valuable time.  Frost-free freezers also offer efficient and effective freezing with quicker, more even chilling for better food preservation.  Food never sticks together or gets frosted over, so contents can be quickly located.


AEG Dishwashing

AEG dishwashers combine stylish design with the very latest technology to achieve sparking results using the least amount of time, energy and water.

30 min 60oC programme

THe specially designed programme is perfect to meet the demands of a busy schedule and is ideal for entertaining.  It saves time by enabling the starter dishes and crockery to be washed in time for desert.  The only quick wash that delivers A rated wash in 30 minutes, it cleans a 4 place setting capacity at 60oC.

Extra quiet in operation

AEG dishwashers have been engineered not only to deliver an outstanding performance but also for their silent operation.

Auto half load

Using the latest dishwashing technology, Auto half load allows the dishwasher to determine whether there is a full or half load and will moderate the water and energy consumption accordingly.

Delay start

This highly practical function gives more control over when the dishwasher is used, as the programme can be delayed to start at a chosen time. 

AEG Cooking

AEG offers an array of truly advanced technology from induction cooking to multi-function ovens with fan cooking and Rotitherm® roasting, engineered to combine outstanding performance with optimum cooking flexibility.

Induction Cooking

Induction hobs use an electromagnet underneath the ceramic glass, creating a magnetic field when a pan is placed on the cooking surface.  Induction hobs automatically sense the size of the pan, only heating the base of the pan and its contents, ensuring the surrounding area always remains safe to touch and making Induction cooking extremely energy efficient.

Electronic Touch Controls

Electronic touch controls ensure precise heat selection.  They are very easy to keep clean and provide a flush finish.

True Fan-Ventitherm®

The True fan Ventitherm® cooking system gently circulates hot air evenly throughout the oven cavity, keeping food moist and achieving perfect cooking results.  This function is very economical and quicker, as the oven heats up faster,  eliminating the need to pre-heat for most dishes and reducing temperature by 20%, saving both time and energy.

Rotitherm® roasting

Heat produced by the hot elements is circulated around the food by the fan.  This clever setting gives the perfect spit roast effect for meat, poultry and roasting potatoes; all the benefits of a rotisserie without the mess.