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There’s never been a wider choice of refrigeration available from simple chest freezers to stylish American Style fridge freezers and retro style models that form a stunning focal point for your kitchen. We have a large range of fridge freezers, fridges and freezers from the most popular brands on display to suit all sizes and styles of kitchen. Our super-friendly expert team can help you find the best model for your needs and we’re also able to give you the advice you need over the phone. Speak to us on 01543 505062, we’re always happy to help.

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We have a wide range of products available from leading brands such as Bosch, Samsung, Hotpoint, Smeg and many more.

Cooling Terminology Explained

Read our frequently asked questions about the technology our products offer.

What is frost free?

Frost free technology prevents ice from building up inside your fridge freezer so you’ll never have to waste your time manually defrosting it.

What does capacity mean?

Measured in litres, the capacity tells you how much storage space each model offers. The larger the capacity, the more bags of food shopping you can store away.

What is a smart WiFi connected fridge freezer?

Many smart fridge freezers inside so you can see the contents of your fridge on your smartphone while you’re shopping so you won’t forget the milk or buy too much butter. Some Bosch, Neff and Siemens models will notify your smart device if the fridge door is left open and will send you storage tips to keep your food fresher for longer.

Can I put my new freezer in the garage?

Many freezers and fridge freezers aren’t suitable for use in the garage or outbuildings but most Beko & Blomberg models use special Freezer Guard technology which means it’s perfectly safe to use them there.

What is Super Freezing?

This function rapidly freezes your new shopping by lowering the temperature and protects the existing contents of the freezer. This preserves nutrients, flavours and the texture of you food, making it healthier and more enjoyable to eat.

What is Super Cooling?

Similar to Super Freezing, this feature rapidly chills your shopping as you store it away to lock in freshness.

What is a chiller drawer?

Some premium models from top brands such as Bosch, Smeg, Siemens and Neff have special drawers in the fridge section that operate at lower temperatures than the rest of the fridge, typically at around 0 degrees C, which provides ideal storage conditions for your fish and meat, helping to keep it fresher for longer.

What is Integrated and Freestanding?

Freestanding models don’t require “Building in” to kitchen furniture, giving you the freedom to position them wherever it best suits your kitchen. Many people though prefer integrated models as they are hidden away behind kitchen unit doors, giving the kitchen a seamless appearance.

What is an EU energy label/efficiency rating?

This information helps you to pick the most efficient models which use the least energy and help to reduce your electricity consumption, savig you money and helping the environment at the same time.

Staff Pick

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The staff pick model is the LG GSL480PZXV American Fridge Freezer.

This is a great fridge freezer, it’s got a massive capacity so it will hold 33 bags of shopping, it’s frost free so you never have to defrost it and you have chilled water and ice on tap.

It looks really good too with premium stainless steel finish which looks great in any kitchen and it’s really quiet, thanks to the Smart Inverter Compressor.

Mark T.

Featured Cooling Products

View featured products from our extensive range.

  1. Samsung RS67A8811B1 American Fridge Freezer
    Samsung RS67A8811B1 American Fridge Freezer With Ice & Water - Black
    £1,049.00 £919.00 Save £130.00
  2. Liebherr CBNSTE8872 91cm Fridge Freezer In Smartsteel
    Liebherr Premium Plus CBNSTE8872 91cm BioFresh No Frost Fridge Freezer With Ice Maker - Smartsteel
  3. CDA Florence Seal Holly Retro Fridge Freezer
    CDA Florence Sea Holly Retro Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Blue
    £999.00 £649.00 Save £350.00
  4. Beko CCFM4552W White Frost Free Fridge Freezer
    Beko CCFM4552W 54cm Frost Free Fridge Freezer - White
    £389.00 £359.00 Save £30.00

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