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We have a large selection of laundry appliances from the leading brands on display in our showroom. Our friendly expert team can help you find the best model for your needs. We’re also more than happy to provide all the advice you need over the phone, speak to us on 01543 505062.

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We have a wide range of laundry appliances available from leading trusted brands including Bosch, Samsung, Hotpoint, LG and many more.

Laundry Terminology Explained

Read our frequently asked questions about the technology our products offer.

What is spin speed?

Washing Machine spin speed is rated in Revolutions per Minute (RPM). The higher the available spin speed on the appliance, the more water can be removed from your clothes at its maximum speeds. Even washing machines with very high spin speeds can be reduced though, to ensure your more delicate clothes are adjusted for appropriately.

What does capacity mean?

Measured in kilograms, this indicates the size of the drum in which you place your clothes. The larger the drum capacity, the more clothes you can insert within each load.

What is a heat pump?

A tumble dryer heat pump captures the evaporated water from your clothes, which is then filtered. This same air is then reheated and used again to help dry your clothes. This process will happen over and over again and will use considerably less energy than a typical tumble dryer saving you money on your energy bills. A heat pump also has the benefit of a lower heat, which means your clothes will show less signs of wear and remain looking as good as new for longer.

What is a smart WiFi connected laundry appliance?

For the ultimate in control and convenience, a growing selection of smart laundry appliances are available. Using a companion smartphone or tablet app, you can remotely operate your smart washing machine, tumble dryer or washer dryer controlling the start, pause and stop of your load. You can also use voice assistants including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with just a voice command triggering an action on your appliance.

What is cold fill?

A cold fill laundry appliance only needs access to a standard cold water fill pipe within your home instead of a need for a hot fill source that would supply any hot water. Cold fill appliances heat up the water themselves prior to washing your clothes, avoiding the need for any additional plumbing requirements.

What is an EU energy label / efficiency rating?

The EU energy label details the effieciency rating of a laundry appliance. For example, C is good, but B is even better. These ratings take into account a wide range of factors including energy consumption, programme time, water consumption, airborne acoustic noise emissions, maximum spin speeds and more.

What is freestanding or integrated?

The most popular type of laundry appliance stands on its own without any type of additional covering or support, this is what is referred to as a freestanding model. Integrated laundry appliances usually are hidden within kitchen or utility cupboards.

Staff Pick

Bosch Serie 6 WAU28T64GB 9kg Washing Machine View Details

Bosch Serie 6 WAU28T64GB 9kg Washing Machine

I really like this machine because it’s got a big 9kg drum so customers can easily wash bedding and other bulky items, you can speed the wash up to save time and your clothes still come out spotless.

It’s really easy to use with a big display and it even cleans the detergent drawer itself.

Karen S.

Featured Laundry Products

View our featured products from our extensive range.

  1. AEG LFX50142B 10kg Washing Machine In White
    AEG LFX50142B 10kg 1400 rpm Washing Machine - A Rated - White
  2. Hoover H3W48TA4 8kg Washing Machine In White
    Hoover H3W48TA4 8kg 1400rpm Washing Machine - White
  3. Bosch WGG24400GB 9kg Washing Machine In White
    Bosch WGG24400GB Series 6 9kg 1400rpm Washing Machine - A Rated - White
    £599.00 £499.00 Save £100.00
  4. Samsung WW90CGC04DABEU Washing Machine
    Samsung WW90CGC04DABEU 9kg 1400rpm Washing Machine - A Rated - Black
    £569.00 £429.00 Save £140.00

Laundry Appliances

Find the very best washing machines, tumble dryers or washer dryers to meet your kitchen or utility room needs.

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Browse our wide range of laundry appliances from industry leading brands such as Hotpoint, Samsung, Bosch and Beko. Whether it's a washing machine, a tumble dryer or a washer dryer that you're looking for, we'll have the perfect solution for you, and your laundry! Once you've chosen your machine, we'll make installing your new appliance and recycling your old one a hassle free task.