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When it comes to your washing, only the best is good enough for us.

When it comes to your washing, only the best is good enough for us.

Getting better all the time has always been the driving force for Bosch. When Bosch develop a washing machine, a tumble dryer or a washer dryer, the aim is more than just clean, dry washing. The aim: the lowest possible power and water consumption, outstanding reliability and maximum convenience.

  1. Intelligent i-DOS automatic dosing system: Perfect washing starts with perfect dosing.

    i-DOS automatically measures out just the quantity of liquid detergent and softener you need. Special sensors detect the quantity, fabric type and level of soiling of your laundry and then determine the amount of detergent with absolute precision. That's perfect for your washing, which is gently washed perfectly clean. And it's perfect for the environment: Precise dosing saves up to 7,062 litres of water per year* plus a vast quantity of liquid detergent and electricity. (* Possible savings with an average of 220 washing loads/year, source: wfk, Institute for Applied Research, Study Report 5132/10. Individual results may vary.)

  2. Washes quickly. Washes economically. Washes when you want.

    With VarioPerfect, you set the pace when it comes to washing. If you happen to be in a hurry, just increase the speed - by up to 65 percent. And if you want to wash even more economically, you can lower the fuel consumption – by up to 50 percent. And you can do it easily every time by pressing a button.The result is the same in any case: perfectly clean washing.

  3. The EcoSilence Drive™: Barely audible when washing, barely visible on the electricity bill.

    The EcoSilence DriveTM motor developed by Bosch is extremely powerful and incredibly quiet during operation. In addition, it's amazingly energy-efficient – after all, it's 30% below the threshold value for Energy Efficiency Class A.

  4. The SelfCleaning Condenser: Permanently efficient.

    The first innovation that ensures that everything stays as it is: super-efficient. Dryers with our SelfCleaning Condenser are particularly economical, giving maximum energy efficiency for the life of the appliance. Everyone needs this level of efficiency. Our dryers are not only amongst the most efficient in the world – they stay that way too.




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AntiStainThe AntiStain System easily removes the 16 of the most stubborn stains, ranging from chocolate to grass and red wine. The washing machine automatically adjusts the temperature, drum movement and soak time to relevant stains before the chosen program starts.

ActiveWater PlusActiveWater Technology consists of three components: the sensor-controlled, continuous automatic load adjustment, the optimised water induction and the drum system. To avoid water wastage, the sensor adjusts the exact water consumption to the wash, according to the fabric type and quantity. The laundry is soaked faster and more evenly through the optimised water inflow which is particularly mild and gentle. Thanks to the VarioSoft or Vario drum and its droplet-shaped structure and paddles, the water gets distributed more evenly and faster. ActiveWater washing machines make a significant contribution to efficient water management in your home.   
 short time stop watch   quick washQuick 15'/30' & PowerWash 60'Quick 15‘ enables you to wash 2 kg of lightly soiled laundry in a record time of 15 minutes – including main wash, rinse and spin.


It's easy to move your top loader from one place to another – 1 wheel at the front and 2 sliders at the back make it really simple. An advantage you'll really notice when you move house.

  EcoSilenceDriveThe EcoSilenceDrive motor developed by Bosch is especially powerful and durable. It is distinguished by its high energy efficiency, speed and also through its very low energy consumption - 30% more efficient (only 0.13 kWh/kg) than the qualifying limit (only 0.19 kWh/kg) for the class A energy efficiency rating.
time delay12/24h Start DelayWith the 24h Start Delay, you can enjoy even more flexibility. You can preset the required time for the washing machine program to start. In this way, you can be absolutely certain that your washing will be finished exactly when you want.    time delay feature
  ActiveWaterThe automatic load adjustment recognises the load condition in three steps and ensures that only the amount of electricity and water required for that load is used. The continuous automatic load adjustment in appliances with ActiveWater Water Management achieves even more accurate results.
VarioSoft DrumThe unique, patented VarioSoft Drum structure for faster and gentler washing is only available at Bosch, tackling washing problems even more effectively. Depending on the selected program the droplet-shaped drum structure and the asymmetrical paddles adjust the drum movements to powerful or gentle. The laundry is gently rotated to the centre the drum regardless of the rotation direction. All garments are included in the washing process at all times and are cleaned more gently and quickly. The 8 kg drum also protects the laundry and reduces creasing.  

sensitive drumSensitive Drying SystemWith the Sensitive Drying System, laundry is dried by mild, warm air coming from all sides and gently mixed by the curving Soft carriers, instead of lying flat on the fabric-friendly drum structure.


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comfort control plusComfortControl PlusOperation is simple with ComfortControl Plus combined with a high-resolution TFT clear text display and plenty of program options. Clear text and symbols provide you with all the information you need about the program sequence.   target one
target two   comfort controlComfortControlAn intuitive user interface and LC display provide you with a full overview and make operation absolute child's play.
ActiveSteam TechnologyDryers with ActiveSteam Technology reduce creasing by adding evaporation after the clothes have been dried. With ActiveSteam you can also easily revitalise clothes and reduce creasing in dry items of clothing.  


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  AllergyPlus/ECARFAllergyPlus is the ideal program for everything worn directly against the skin, especially for those with sensitive, irritable skin. A specially designed wash cycle, longer temperature stages and an additional rinse reduce allergenic residues as far as possible. This means fewer pollen particles, animal hairs and dust mites. We have been awarded the ECARF Quality Seal for this program, which is ideal for allergy-sensitive people and yet fabric-friendly. 
aqua stopAquaStopThe AquaStop System consists of a special double-walled feed hose, a safety valve and a floor tank with float switch and provides 100% protection against water damage – guaranteed by Bosch for the life of your appliance.     aqua stop filter
  AntiVibration sidewallThe new design of the side walls is not only eye catching: the system also provides more stability and reduces vibration. The enhanced insulation also regulates noise levels, making Bosch Logixx and Avantixx very quiet even during the spin cycle. 

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i-DOS detergent saver systemSave water by saving detergent: the unique intelligent i-DOS detergent saving system determines the precise amount of liquid detergent. Special sensors detect the load weight and fabric type and even the degree of soiling in the automatic programmes. Your laundry will be washed with the optimal amount of detergent. By avoiding overusage you will also prevent additional rinse cycles to remove the soap scum from washing detergents. With i-DOS you save liquid detergent and up to 7,062 litres of water (potential annual saving when using i-DOS instead of household washing with manual dosage using a conventional sensitive programme at an average of 220 washing loads per year).* (*Source: wfk (The Cleaning Technology Institute), Institute of Applied Research, research report WL 5132/10. Individual results may vary.)  

  VarioPerfectThrough its perfect program range, VarioPerfect ensures top wash results for all types of fabrics and every load. With VarioPerfect, you can set most programs to be quicker or more efficient with the SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect functions. This reduces time by up to 65% or energy by up to 50%.
air condensation technologyAirCondensation TechnologyTraditional dryers use up to 38 litres of water per drying session. Instead of water, AirCondensation Technology uses air to dry the laundry. Dryers that incorporate this innovative technology are amongst the dryers with the lowest water consumption.    air condensing technology 



bosch washer   Two options, one result: Perfectly clean washing.
WithVarioPerfect, it's all about you and your laundry. If you're in a hurry, you can speed up the washing process by up to 65%. But if you want to wash your laundry economically, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%. And you can do it all just by pressing a button. The result is always the same: perfectly clean washing.
Say goodbye to line drying.
Anyone who dries washing indoors should air the room frequently. Because laundry on a clothes dryer gives off up to 4 litres of water into the surrounding air, which can cause mould to form. The only remedy: airing and heating, airing and heating. This is a problem in winter in particular, since reheating the rooms uses lots of energy. This is energy that you can save with a Bosch tumble dryer. And avoid the risk of mould.



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bosch washer dryer   Washing and drying over just 60cm.
Bosch washer dryers not only wash flawlessly clean, they also dry perfectly - all in one appliance. They are the ideal solution for people with high standards but not much space. 


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