hotpoint 100 stain removal



hotpoint steam technology

Hotpoint's most advanced anti-stain system yet

Remove more than 100 stains at 20°, with Direct Injection technology. A premix of water and detergent creates a cleaning foam that is injected directly into the wash. As a result, the detergent enzymes are activated faster and penetrate fibres better, delivering a deeper clean even at lower temperatures, keeping colours and fabrics safe.





hotpoint eco rain technology

hotpoint digital motion technology

hotpoint steam technology


Super Silent

  Anti-allergy   Anti-Stain Turbo 45'
hotpoint super silent   hotpoint allergy seal of approval   hotpoint anti stain turbo

So quiet you'll hardly notice it working.

The precision of the brushless inverter motor combined with the special sound insulating panels reduce sound levels by up to 50%, so it can be used late at night while the rest of the house sleeps.


Allergy UK approved to care for sensitive skin Awarded.

The Allergy UK Seal of Approval, our Anti-Allergy programme uses a combination of high temperature and extra rinses to remove 99.9% of major allergens, including dust mites.


Removes 40 stains in just 45 minutes at only 20°.

The Anti-Stain Turbo cycle removes 40 of the most stubborn stains in just 45 mins at only 20°, thanks to the combination of Direct Injection and Digital Motion Technology.